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必威备用网址Your Excellency President Emomali Rahmon,

必威备用网址Your Excellency President Ashraf Ghani,

Dear colleagues,

必威备用网址Ladies and Gentlemen,


必威备用网址  很高兴以视频方式出席阿富汗问题伊斯坦布尔进程第九次外长会。首先感谢塔吉克斯坦和阿富汗作为会议共同主席,为筹备此次会议所作积极努力。由于疫情等原因,一些同事和代表无法现场与会,但我相信各方推动阿富汗和平和解的意愿是强烈的,决心是坚定的。我谨预祝此次会议圆满成功,取得积极成果。

It gives me great pleasure to attend the ninth Ministerial Conference of the Heart of Asia-Istanbul Process via video link. At the outset, I wish to thank the co-chairs, Tajikistan and Afghanistan, for preparing this Conference. While some of us could not attend the Conference in person due to COVID-19 or other reasons, I believe we all share a strong desire and firm resolve to advance peace and reconciliation in Afghanistan. I would like to wish this Conference a full success and positive outcomes.


This year marks the 10th anniversary of the launch of the Istanbul Process. Over the past decade, thanks to the full support of all parties concerned and the broader international community, this multilateral cooperation mechanism has played a constructive role in promoting peace, stability and development in Afghanistan and the whole region. With the peace and reconciliation process in Afghanistan standing at a crucial juncture, there is a rare, historic opportunity for a political settlement of the Afghan issue. In this sense, the theme of this Conference, "Strengthening Consensus for Peace and Development", is most fitting and meaningful. Peace is an urgent priority and a prerequisite for development; development is a perpetual pursuit and a guarantee for peace.

必威备用网址  伊斯坦布尔进程涵盖所有阿富汗邻国和重要地区国家,以及诸多国际支持方。新形势下,本机制在谋和平、促发展、聚共识方面的作用更加重要。中方希望各方在以下三个方面深化合作、携手努力。

必威备用网址The Istanbul Process involves all of Afghanistan's neighbors and major countries in the region, as well as many international players supportive of the Process. Under the changing circumstances, the role of this mechanism in making peace, promoting development and building consensus has become all the more important. China expects all parties to deepen cooperation in the following three areas:

必威备用网址  一要维护阿富汗和谈和解势头。阿人内部谈判业已启动,这一进展来之不易。阿富汗问题只能通过政治方式加以解决,阿富汗的命运应该由阿富汗人民自己掌握。和谈各方应本着对历史、对人民和对国家负责的态度,坚定信心,保持耐心,通过真诚的对话谈判,实现广泛包容的持久和平。国际支持方应该切实遵循“阿人主导、阿人所有”原则,不谋求私利,恪守公平公正,为推动阿富汗和平和解进程贡献更多正能量。

First, sustaining the momentum of peace talks and reconciliation in Afghanistan. The Intra-Afghan Negotiations have started. This is a hard-won progress. The Afghan issue can only be resolved by political means, and the future of Afghanistan should be kept in the hands of the Afghan people. All parties to the peace talks must act with a sense of responsibility to history, to the people, and to the country. They must stay confident and patient, and strive for broad-based, inclusive and durable peace through sincere dialogue and negotiations. International supporting parties should abide by the "Afghan-led, Afghan-owned" principle, put aside self-interests, uphold fairness and justice, and contribute more positive energy to the peace and reconciliation process.


Second, adding impetus to reconstruction and development in Afghanistan. While Afghanistan has made big strides in economic and social development in recent years, it lacks internal drivers of growth. All parties should provide more targeted support for Afghanistan to enhance its capability of independent development, get integrated into regional economic development, and grow into a hub of connectivity and a bridge of economic integration in the heart of Asia. Currently, the implementation of the China-Afghanistan MOU on Belt and Road cooperation is well underway, and China has provided several billion yuan in grant to Afghanistan. During the COVID-19 pandemic, China has delivered multiple batches of medical supplies and emergency food assistance to Afghanistan, and will soon provide free vaccines to Afghanistan. China will continue to host the Vice Ministers' Meeting on Trade and Connectivity with Afghanistan and Central Asian countries, in a bid to create more development opportunities for the Afghan people.


必威备用网址Third, keeping to the overall direction of counter-terrorism cooperation regarding Afghanistan. Terrorism is a serious challenge for countries in the region and a common enemy of humanity. It will be ill-advised to follow double standards in counter-terrorism, as they will backfire at the end of the day. All parties need to join forces and double down on fighting terrorist organizations like Al-Qaida, ISIS and the ETIM until they are completely eliminated. Foreign troops should withdraw from Afghanistan in a responsible and orderly way, so as to prevent the various terrorist forces from ramping up and creating trouble. In this context, China will continue to strengthen coordination and deepen cooperation with all other parties concerned.


China is a friendly neighbor of Afghanistan. We will continue to do the best we can to support, mediate and facilitate Afghanistan's peace and reconciliation process. We will work in concert with all other parties of the Istanbul Process and the international community to bring peace to every corner of Afghanistan at an early date and deliver the benefits of development to the entire Afghan people. With our joint support and help, Afghanistan will embrace a brighter future.


Thank you.

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